The Palace City

Mysore has a royal touch about it. It is home to a number of palaces, and was for long ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty, known for its patronage of art and culture. Even today, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated in a big way in Mysore, with tableaus, folk music and dances and other cultural programmes in various parts of the city. On the other hand, Mysore is also one of the best-planned cities in India.


Quick Facts

  1. The name Mysore comes from thea word meaning ‘Mahisu’, meaning ‘the abode of Mahishasura’, a demon king
  2. Mysore has a sweet dish named after it, called ‘Mysore Pak’
  3. Mysore is famous for sandalwood and silk products

Popular Attractions

  • Amba Vilas Palace, better known as Mysore Palace, is the reason most travelers visit Mysore. It is the best known of the city’s various palaces. It is also the main venue for the initiation and culmination of the Dussehra festivities. It houses a number of paintings, artifacts, furniture and weapons and is a great place to get a glimpse of the glory of the Wodeyar era.
  • Chamundi Hills is a nice drive/ride uphill from Mysore city. Atop the hill areis a temple and a statue of the demon Mahishasura

The “India Kosher Travel” Experience

  • There are a number of hills and wildlife sanctuaries a short distance from Mysore, including BR hills, Bandipur and Nagarhole
  • Visit Coorg for trekking nearby
  • Kabini River area is great for fishing/angling