General information:

  • The Lunch can be ordered the the  following destinations: Delhi, Agra, all Rajasthan. (in Pushkar without fish, and eggs)
  • packed lunch


If you are in the midst of a tour in New Delhi, on the way from New Delhi to Agra or in the region of Ragastan, and you want a light strictly kosher lunch, we will be happy to pamper you. We offer a variety of sandwiches, individually packed fresh, healthy salads, snacks and strictly kosher ‘surprises’.

Vegetable Salads:

  • Israeli Salad: (tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, green pepper, red pepper, olive oil)
  • Arab salad: (radish, onion, carrot, cucumber, tomato, olives and coriander)
    dressings for salad : ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard / garlic and dill / Thousand Islands


  • Tuna: (tuna, tomatoes and pickles)
  • Eggs: (eggs, tomato and lettuce)
  • Tunisian: (tuna, egg, potatoes, and coriander)
  • Arabic: (Tahini, fried eggplant, eggs, and coriander)
  • Smoked Chicken (with ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard)
  • Salami (with ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard)
  • Shnitzel (with ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard)
  • bbq baby chicken (with ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard)
  • bbq chicken breas (with ketchup / mayonnaise / mustard)