Tour Itinerary 

  Rishikesh - Chandigarh - Manali - Darmasala - Delhi - Agra
14 days - 7 people July - 2017

Herman family

The organization of the trip was excellent
Let's start with the most important thing - we have returned a family of seven healthy and intact people (not even a single diarrhea was recorded!) - yes it is possible if you are careful about good hotels, good transportation, orderly eating places, mineral water and alkogel. The good bacteria for everyone every day).
Moshe ordered us 4-5 star hotels and it justified himself. A pleasant corner at the end of a long day of hike is like a pop at the end of the journey .... We were happy to have an excellent driver with us who always welcomed us with a smile that was really charming to the kids and really professional.
Our guides were amazing - no less. They were so connected to the children and parting from them was really sad. The training enhances the enjoyment of the trip on several levels - and we have produced endless knowledge and enjoyment in India (far more than Israelis who travel alone). The close guidance also relaxes the trip. There is always something to take command of where, when and where to travel (always think about changes depending on the weather, the situation on the roads and the mood of the children, etc.) and in India it is especially critical when the trip is a few weeks and not several months.
The meals at the various Chabad Houses were excellent both for cheap tastings and for the taste of home and atmosphere of Israel (for meat patients it was saving lives) .We also took rolls for the road and it helped us a lot.
In India there is everything you need to just choose where to go and what to do. Wherever you turn, it will be interesting and very different from any other country you choose. The main distinction in my opinion is the culture and the religious variety, and when combined with a wonderful nature it is amazing. The trip to India is an experience that can not be summed up in words. India was amazing and we really did not want to return to Israel. Waiting for the next trip to India.
In short, India loved us and we are the same
Ilan Herman and family.