The Glorious Ruins

Once the capital of the prosperous Vijayanagar empire, the ruins of Hampi have a haunting, immortal beauty. Located near the village of Hampi in Karnataka, about 350 kilometres from Bangalore, this group of ravaged monuments have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Quick Facts

  1. The Vijayanagar empire was at its zenith between the 14th and 16th centuries
  2.  The Muslim kingdoms of the Deccan region got together to form the Deccan Sultanates, which then laid siege to Hampi and went on a destruction drive, leaving the place in ruins

  • Vitthala Temple is one of Hampi’s most famous monuments thanks to its exquisite musical pillars, each of which emanates sounds corresponding to different musical instruments. The splendid stone chariot in front of the temple has been carved out of a single rock
  • The King’s Balance, made of granite, is of archaeological significance. It was used in ancient times during ceremonial occasions, when gold and precious items equivalent to the king’s weight wereas distributed to the people of the city. The balance was used to ceremonially weigh the king against the precious items
  • The Virupaksha Temple, the Krishna Temple, the Elephant Stables and the thousand shiva lingas are some of the other prime attractions of Hampi
  • The Lotus Mahal, also called the Queen’s Palace, is different from the traditional Vijayanagar structures as it has some Islamic influences

The “India Kosher Travel” Experience

  • There are many cycling trails near Hampi
  • Anegondi, near Hampi, is famous for handicrafts made of banana fibre. The place can be reached by ferry
  • The ruins of Hampi at dusk or dawn provide some unique photo opportunities
  • visit the chabad house of Hampi