Chabad South Delhi

While the activity of the old Chabad House in New Delhi continues, a “community” of Jewish families from Israel and from all over the world has evolved in the Indian capital. Who will take care of the remote community, a part of which is utterly disconnected from anything Jewish? Rabbi Shneor Kupchik and his wife Sarah took upon themselves to establish a Chabad House that will answer the community’s needs and unite the Jewish families in town. As soon as they arrived they opened a Jewish education program for children who had been deprived of it up until then and were studying in local institutions. They also immediately started with other various Jewish activities, such as putting up mezuzahs in homes, kashering kitchens, providing kosher meat, running Torah classes for men and women etc. The latest holidays were celebrated by New Delhi’s Jews together, in a warm Jewish atmosphere. Rabbi Shneor and his wife have created a home-like Jewish environment and were happily welcomed by the Jews who live in town.

Rabbi Shneor Kupchik

Vasant Viahar
New Delhi 110055 – India
Mobile: +919899686949