Chabad Pushkar

is a Rajasthani town which preserves its Hindi tradition with dedication. There one may find signs forbidding consumption of meat and fish products, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Pushkar lies on the shores of an ancient lake, and is famous also for its colorful market, built as a maze of narrow streets.
Many backpackers and tourists choose to stay in Pushkar longer than in the larger and more hectic Indian cities. This led Rabbi Shimshon and Zelda Goldstein to establish a Chabad House specifically in Pushkar, in order to give young Israeli backpackers the opportunity to experience Judaism directly and to reveal its true treasures. The Chabad House runs a Yeshiva-like program for young men, a Midrasha (Chassidic college) for young women called “Beis Rivka” (dedicated to the memory of Rivka Holzberg hy”d), Kabbalah courses and open evening classes.
The Chabad House is a large complex, with an activities hall and a synagogue, a large garden used for Shabbos and holiday meals (for dozens and sometimes hundreds of guests), guestrooms for backpackers who want to stay in the Chabad House for a while, a Mikvah and a house for the Goldstein family and the team of emissaries who arrive to assist them.

Rabbi Shimshon Goldshtein

Adress:Bagwati Guesthouse
Near Ajmer Bus Stand
Pushkar 305022 – India