Chabad Puna

The response Rabbi Kupchik received from the Rebbe King Moshiach regarding being an emissary guides him to this very day:
“… and especially doing your share in the duty of “go summon all the Jews” that they should also in their everyday lives act as Mordechai, who wouldn’t bow down nor kneel before any Avoda Zara (idol worship)… for every single Jew denies Avoda Zara, which means that the essence, the selfhood of the Jew denies all that is foreign to eternal Israel Saba (Grandfather Israel, the way of Judaism) and Jewish youngsters will do anything with enthusiasm, vigor and without compromising in order to realize what was already received in Sinai…”.
Rabbi Betzalel Kupchik and his wife needed much courage when they packed up their many children and became emissaries in a far-off location, utterly isolated from anything Jewish. This couple and their children became a living example, all throughout India and particularly in Puna, of a Jewish family that expresses through its lifestyle the spirit of Israel Saba.
Throughout the years Puna has become a major attraction for Jewish businessmen from all over the world. They are delighted to find a real home here: Jewish atmosphere, good advice, proper Halachic Shabbos and, of course, glatt kosher meals.

Rabbi Betzalel Kupchik

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