Chabad Kasol

Kasol is a small village ensconced in the breathtaking landscape of the snow-capped Himalayas. The obscure village has grown to be a popular destination for many Israeli backpackers in recent years. Rabbi Dani and Rivka Hila Winderbaum arrived there in 5764 (2004) and opened a Chabad House that offers activities tailored to backpackers: Shabbos meals with a young and enthusiastic vibe, a kosher restaurant that serves thousands of meat dishes every month, Torah studies in the mornings, open nights for joint study and in-depth conversations, as well as a luxurious Mikvah (ritual bath) for the use of the public. The Chabad House also took upon itself great responsibility in providing aid in cases of emergency, such as the search and rescue of missing backpackers, assistance in aiding drug abuse victims, collecting information on relevant medical issues etc. This activity received attention from the media and two movies were made about it – “Flip”, a movie that was broadcast in Europe, and another documentary for the French television.
Since the activity has expanded with time, in the last few years new emissaries joined the staff – Rabbi Yoel and Sterny Kaflin. The Kasol Chabad House is famous among the backpackers as a warm and lively home that radiates light, joy and readiness for Geula – the Redemption

Rabbi Daniel Winderbaum

Adress:V.P.O Kasol Distt. Kullu
Himachal Pradesh, 175105 – India