Chabad Hampi

When you arrive at Hampi, your amazed eyes discover a new land. Huge, round granite rocks are scattered all over, some piled up into little hills. The same rocks hang, practically falling, from the river banks, threatening to crush a street one day. In the midst of all this natural mess runs a wide stream used as a public shower, the main Laundromat, a transportation route, crossed all day long by small boats filled with people and motorcycles, and, of course, as the main “chill-out” spot. The river banks are covered by lawns with hammocks, and the leaves of the banana, coconut and mango trees, along with the breeze, create giant fans. This magical, hypnotizing atmosphere is the perfect background to absorb spirituality and Judaism.
Rabbi Moti Gromach and his wife Libi arrived there at 5770 (2010), and in a short time managed to set up an impressive Chabad House for the backpackers. In the Hampi Chabad House they think of all the little things an Israeli backpacker may need – from a motorcycle helmet, efficient information and kosher food, to joint Shabbos meals and fascinating spiritual programs

Rabbi Moti Gromach