Chabad Dharamsala

The Chabad House Dharamsala, initiated by the Lubavitcher Rabbi through his emissaries (shlichim) – the Shaul family – was established in 2000.
The House is located in the village of Dharamkot and the emissaries are working all over the area of Dharamsala, including the town of Meclod Ganje and the village of Bagsu.
The Chabad House offers travelers, as well as the Jewish community in the area, a wide range of services and activities, the purpose of which is to assist each and every Jew physically and spiritually.
The managers of the Chabad House, Rabbi Dror and his wife Michal, run the House and see to it that every visitor is warmly welcomed.
They and the other shlichim who work together with them in the staff, make efforts to expand the activities every year.
The Chabad House Dharamsala is unique in launching profound study of various subjects of the Kabbala and Chassidism, including Jewish meditation, Kabbalistic psychology and personal diagnosis based on one’s name and date of birth.
These and other subjects are studied in the framework of courses and lessons, which enable the participants to gain introductory access to the fascinating Secret World.
The Chabad House is open all year round, and it invites you to come and feel at home

Rabbi Dror Shaul

Dharamkot vill. Meclodganj,
Dharamsala, Dist. Kangra,
H.P – India