Chabad New Delhi – Main Bazaar

The capital city of New Delhi is considered the most convenient starting point for backpackers in India. The first stop in town is the central market – the “Main Bazaar”, located in the midst of old narrow streets in a crowded, noisy and filthy area. In the heart of the market, in a modest and pleasant building, ever since 5755 (1995) sits the oldest Chabad House in India.
The Chabad  House has been run in recent years with admirable devotion by Rabbi Shmulik and Mira Sharf. Under extremely hard conditions they welcome hundreds of new backpackers who have just set foot on Indian soil every day, and they do so warmly and with a smile. The backpackers who have a hard time digesting the sights, smells and crowdedness find a quiet Jewish home in the Chabad House. Thus the Chabad House in New Delhi functions as a gateway to all the other Chabad Houses in India.
The Chabad House provides the visitors and the hotels in town with kosher food. It has an information center for the backpackers on all the relevant issues and it also supports Jewish inmates in Indian prisons.
As a Chabad House located in the capital city, it coordinates all the assistance in urgent medical cases, the procedures involved when Jews pass away in India and the rescue of backpackers in hard mental states as well as those captured by pagan sects. The Chabad House in New Delhi also serves as the link between all the Chabad Houses in India in order to promote joint goals.

Rabbi Akiva Sudri

General Market, T 305
Main Bazar, Paharganj
New Delhi 110055 – India
Mobile: +91.965 44 31 770